Gina West – Cirque du Gina

Cirque du Gina

Cirque du Gina

If Gina looks at ease in those fotos, it is ‘coz she’s no stranger to putting on a show.

“I traveled around the world doing magic shows, and I was in Cirque du Soleil,” Gina told. Now that babe is using her flair for performance to show off her toned body for u. Her breasts and taut twat, also.

Here, this blonde cougar is wearing a silver bra, short skirt and fuck shoes. This babe has a constricted, brawny body and a shaved pussy. She’s supple and acrobatic. This babe can likewise make her slit gape. This babe gets 2 fingers into her wet crack to spread it wide. That’s what’s called an inside job.

“I’m very flexible from my years as a gymnast and circus performer,” Gina told. “That translates very well to the bedroom. Fellows are always impressed by the tricks I can do. They also love it when I put my ankles behind my head. That lets ‘em get indeed deep into my slit, and it also gives them a great show of the penetration. My cunt feels much tighter when I do that, also.”

Gina says no one would be surprised to see her here cuz she is a show off and can’t live without porn. Her fantasy is to be put on a throne with dudes having their way with her. She likewise can’t live without babes and says she’s very priceless at eating wet crack.

“I make sure I work them over so priceless that they squirt.”

Squirt away, studs.

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Cara Reid – Cara Reid, Courtest Of Sally D’Angelo

Cara Reid, Courtest Of Sally D’Angelo

Cara Reid, Courtest Of Sally D'Angelo

The story goes, Cara Reid was friends with Sally D’Angelo. But Cara didn’t know that Sally sucked and fucked strangers’ ramrods on-camera. Cara didn’t even know that Sally and her husband were swingers. And Sally didn’t know that Cara and her husband were swingers. They were biker friends who would meet on the west coast of Florida to ride.

“I not ever brought it up,” Sally said. “I didn’t desire her to think badly about me.”

And then, one day, Sally took a chance.

“I’m a swinger,” Sally told Cara.

“So am I,” Cara told.

“I’ve had sex on-camera,” Sally told.

And Cara told, “That’s astounding!”

U can see 61-year-old Cara and her friend sharing a biggest pecker at And, as an appetizer, u can have a enjoyment these images of Cara looking gracious and hot as this babe shows off her tan lines and spreads her cookie with her wrinkled hands.

Basically, it just goes to show ya: You at no time know.

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Annellise Croft – The Teat MILF

The Nipple MILF

The Nipple MILF

Looking at Annellise Croft, it is hard to believe she is not having as much sex as she’d like. Before that babe came to our studio, it had been not quite seven months since her last time! How did this babe manage?

“By masturbating a lot,” this 50-year-old divorcee told. “Every day. As much as possible. In bed, the tanning salon, by the pool. Beautiful much anywhere I could get away with it.”

That babe definitely got away with it in our studio.

Annellise is a MILF with one child and a GILF with 3 grandchildren. This babe is been a beautician, worked in sales and majority latterly has been working at brute shelters. She’s been to swinger clubs but hasn’t had sex there. Her sexual fantasies involve a pair of dominant guys fucking her over and over whilst this babe is lightly tied up.

“It turns me on so much just thinking about it!”

That babe probably doesn’t have to just think about it. With a face and body like hers (and some of the longest, most-erect teats we’ve ever seen), this chick from the United Kingdom can have just about any guy she desires.

By the way, you’ll be happy to know that Annellise planned on making up for lost time after that babe left our studio. So if you ever run into her….

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Sabrina Santos – Proof for Hubby

Proof for Hubby

Proof for Hubby

“My husband is a worthwhile chap. That chap is very caring. This stud is very smart, too. Well, this dude is usually very smart,” Sabrina told us. “I’m absolutely okay with him watching porn. Guys will be studs, right? But I discovered his stash a couple of weeks ago and it was all legal age teenager porn. This chab explained to me that guys always look at teen porn coz guys are hardwired to wanna breed with ‘em. I don’t think so. I think studs are attracted to the confidence and experience that mature chicks have. So I had him take those images of me to submit to you boys. I’ll bet greater amount lads will look at those pics of me than any young, Justin-Beiber-listening little beauty you’ve posted on your web site.”

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Tatiana Petrova – Cougar Needs Confidence

Cougar Needs Confidence

Cougar Needs Confidence

If you ask us, Tatiana looks hotter now than the final time we saw her, back in 2010. See, Cougars and MILFs just get better with every passing year. And just coz she’s older doesn’t mean that she is slowed down at all.

“I’ve been getting greater amount and greater quantity self-conscious. I’ll tell u when it began, likewise. I brought this young fellow home from the casino I work at, and this guy could not get it up! I tried anything with him. I even played with his balls and butt for a little bit. He stormed off after a during the time that and I had to take care of myself. I’ve had a miniature in number greater amount chaps since then, and they’ve all performed just priceless, but I started wondering if I’m getting too old to please males. That is why I am sending those shots in to you. U still think I look wonderful, right?”

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Val Kambel – Val Is Shy, But She’s Showing Us Her Snatch!

Val Is Shy, But She’s Showing Us Her Love tunnel!

Val Is Shy, But This babe is Showing Us Her Vagina!

Val Kambel, 53, is a sweet Georgia peach with a juicy body. She is a bit shy at 1st, which this babe associates with being fastened down to a bad relationship for also lengthy. Now she is free of that marriage and on to a fresh guy who appreciates her newfound sexual attitude. Someone who knows her would be shocked to watch her here or at, but that babe doesn’t care. As Val puts it, she is in the prime of her life and nobody can stop her!

40SOMETHING: Do you ever wake up in the morning saying, u know what? I’m probably intend to have sex this day, I’m gonna dress a certain way.
VAL: Totally! I love putting on hot garments.

40SOMETHING: So let us say you wanna turn your man on. What do you wear for that?
VAL: Short-shorts. Short costume. I show lots of leg. It is probably coz I am 5’7″ and a lot taller with heels.

40SOMETHING: Was turning 50 a big deal for u?
VAL: Not actually. Forty is the one that got me. 50 did not bother me at all. Forty got to me because it was like a mile marker for me. I was getting mature. I survived it, though! I got divorced in my mid-forties, too.

40SOMETHING: Have any kids?
VAL: Oh yeah. But they’re grown and out of the house and living on their own. They’d completely be shocked to see mom here! Indeed, almost all people would. I am a very shy person.

40SOMETHING: Let us say you were single. U wouldn’t just walk up to a boy and grab him and hug him?
VAL: No, the guy has to make the first move. Always.

40SOMETHING: But what if you were lying in sofa with your boyfriend and you’re slutty. Would u make the 1st move then?
VAL: Totally. I’ll go right for his knob and stick it straight in my face hole, especially with morning wood. You do not crave it to go to waste! Sometimes it’s a lot harder in the morning. I’ll stick it in my throat and begin licking and sucking and going to town.

40SOMETHING: How long does it take for him to wake up?
VAL: Just a minute, at no time longer!

40SOMETHING: You’re blushing! You’re sitting here, getting willing to be a porn star, and you are blushing!
VAL: It is likewise laughable, isn’t it?

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Kacee Harley – The Big-Assed MILF


The Big-Assed MILF

“My fantasy is to have 2 youthful, fit guys give me a sensual massage that ends up as a DOUBLE PENETRATION session in a sexy bubble bath,” told Kacee Harley, a wife and mother from Missouri who has already been ass-fucked at

We asked Kacee if she had ever been with a much-younger fellow (other than the ones she fucked for us), and she said, “Yes, certainly! I love youthful studs. I’ve one boyfriend who is about 25. My spouse and I met him at a piano bar and were trying to set up a DP session. I ended up having so much pleasure with him that we just drilled while my husband videotaped the entire thing. We were exploring many sexual poses and there was so much engulfing, licking and fucking. I even let him fuck my face for a gagging blow job, then this guy had the one and the other my pussy and butt. Youthful boys have great recovery time.”

Hey, Kacee, u know better than we do.

So what makes a sexy MOTHER I’D LIKE TO FUCK like Kacee sperm in her panties? A confident boy, clean-shaven with a worthy choice of garments and cologne.

“When I meet a lad who has all those things together and this chab treats me like a real lady, I let him treat me like a whore in the bedroom. I’ve two different personalities, one for sex and one for the public.”

Certainly, here, at, she is having public sex. And that’s when the real Kacee comes out.

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Cammille Austin – Pierced MILF


Pierced MILF

Cammille spends majority of her days wearing nursing scrubs. This babe works at a petite surgical practice with her doctor husband. Guess what his specialty is? U got it. Boobjobs and piercings. He was the one who gave Cammille her new whoppers and fascinating wet crack and nip rings. You’d at no time guess that the cute, MILFy nurse you see on your lunch break was hiding such a mind boggling body under those loose-fitting scrubs, would you?

“The tattoo was all my idea,” Cammille shared with us when we asked about it. “I know you don’t see also many chicks who look like me with these big tattoos, but I’ve always wanted one. I remember that my friends were all getting them in college, but I was likewise nervous. I didn’t desire somebody judging me coz I had this little bit of ink on my skin. I indeed don’t give a shit anymore. I did not have those college-years hookups, either. I’m making up for lost time with great sex now. I am doing what I desire for the 1st time, and I am loving it! I’m lastly becoming the bad gal who I have always wanted to be. I’m loving the new Cammille.”

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Holly Claus – Holly’s Open Holes

Holly’s Open Holes

Holly's Open Holes

“My sexual fantasy is getting on my knees and taking care of an entire group of lads at a bachelor party,” told Holly Claus, a 42-year-old stripper from Key West, Florida. Honestly, we’re surprised she hasn’t done that already.

Remember when Holly got ass-fucked? This babe enjoyed it so much that “I went out and bought myself a stainless iron ass-plug from this boutique sex shop in city. It has a jewel on the end, so it looks really gorgeous and feminine. When I bring a fortunate boy home on a date, it’s always enjoyment to do a strip tease and peel off my panties to reveal my hidden treasure. Their eyes bug out indeed wide!”

And then?

“And then their dicks get hard and they replace the butt-plug with their own dicks.”

Worthy males.

Holly is the ultimate MILF. She is blonde and has big whoppers and a constricted body. In those photos, she widens her fur pie and butthole as wide as they can go.

Hey, when’s that bachelor party?

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Elara Elis – Elara copulates her own muff…that’s romantic!

Elara bonks her own cookie…that’s romantic!

Elara fucks her own bawdy cleft...that's romantic!

“I’ve been fingering myself and fantasizing about all the boys who are gonna jack off to my pics,” said 49-year-old Elara Elis, a wife and mother from Florida.

Elara Elis is a sexy MILF with romantic and raunchy streaks.

“I have very classical ideas of what’s romantic. I love French food, drives down the beach and candlelit dinners. I too love going to swingers’ clubs and getting drilled by a group of people. Watching people have sex always gets me off. It is very orgasmic.”

Elara is one hawt mom, and she’s not afraid of showing off what she is got.

“I am absolutely an exhibitionist. I love being nude coz it feels so natural. Plus, most of the time when I’ve sex, I fantasize about being watched by a big group of people. If I pretend like I am performing for all of ‘em, I will try things that shove my boundaries. That’s how I discovered myself in bed with another woman for the 1st time.”

Elara’s been busy checking things off her bucket list. She just screwed a boy half her age, and now she is doing porn.

“I love having indecent sex, and this appeared to be like the next logical step. I have always thought that the almost all gratifying thing about sex is fascinating the stud. Now I can please the thousands of lads who watch this and jack off!”

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Brandi Fox – Pleasant Gullible Brandi

Enchanting Gullible Brandi

Sweet Gullible Brandi

Ah, Brandi, one greater quantity agreeable MILF. U love ‘em and we love them. Especially when they’re as priceless as Brandi. Priceless and gullible. See, Brandi wishes to be a fashion model for tiny boutique stores around where she lives. We know all this coz the photographer, Richard Fowler, said us. U can always count on a scammer for a priceless story.

“Hello, NaughtyMag editors. I have been a longtime member of your web resource and have purchased greater amount than a hardly any of your magazines. If somebody can appreciate what I am doing, it’s u. A photographer by trade, I’ve been posting ads seeking models for local small-business trade magazines. The girls I get are wonderful, but they not at any time have experience. After a miniature in number troublesome “test-shots”, they quickly realize they aren’t up to snuff, but out of the goodness of my heart I’ll take some nude modeling shots so they can build a portfolio of work. We’re both already there and the camera is warmed up, right? You wouldn’t believe how many of these chicks fall for it. Enclosed in my email you’ll find a not many snaps of a woman named Brandi. I’d be honored if you’d run her for MOTHER I’D LIKE TO FUCK Monday. Yours really, Rich Fowler.”

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Cheyanne – U.S. Open Snatch

YOU.S. Open Bawdy cleft

U.S. Open Pussy

Cheyanne, a 50something wife and mother from Oklahoma, enjoyed showing off her body in and fucking at so much that she’s started going stripped around town.

“I’ve started driving topless,” she said. “It’s such a rush when I pull up to a stoplight and a dude looks down from his rig. I get lots of honks from sexually excited truckers!”

Cheyanne isn’t known for teasing, so you’d better believe that babe doesn’t just flash these truckers and leave them with blue balls.

“I’d not at any time do that! My husband likes when I fuck strangers, so I’ll go and engulf off guys at the truck stop. My husband has watched me service entire lines of them. It makes him hard as a rock, and when we get home this man fucks me silly.”

You might recall that Cheyanne got into swinging coz she needed smth to pass the time during the time that her spouse was out of city working. Most women find a hobby. Cheyanne’s hobby is fucking.

And, no, this babe doesn’t play tennis.

“I’m already a sexually excited grandma, but I can’t wait until I am a smutty great-grandma. I wish to be getting banged well into my 80s. As lengthy as studs still discover me sexy and desire me to suck their dicks, I’ll be willing and on my knees for them.”

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Yasmine Beale – Mother Of Four Has Pierced Snatch

Mother Of Four Has Pierced Wet crack

Mother Of Four Has Pierced Pussy

Yasmine Beale isn’t really the kind of woman you’d await to be an adult model. She’s a working mother of four. She’s too a very talented internal designer and has a doting husband at home who likes her very much. So why is she here? Well, hubby travels a lot and she’s a sexually excited MILF who needs attention. She told us when she rubs her love button she fantasizes about the neighbors watching.

“I love being fastened down and ravished,” 44-year-old Yasmine said. “There’s nothing like a lad who knows how to take charge and just goes for it. My cookie is generally always pretty moist, but when I’m out to dinner and a dude orders for me, I just begin gushing. I also fantasize about being used by multiple partners. Maybe being at the center of a circle of men, their dicks all in front of me, awaiting to be serviced. When I masturbate I’ll slide some anal beads deep into my booty and use my sex tool. Then I guess about a couple of boys coming into the room and rubbing my whoppers, taking turns squeezing, pinching and licking my body during the time that I cum.”

Yasmine has big tits and a pierced bawdy cleft. Here, she bonks herself with a big, dark toy. This babe even takes her hands off the toy and lets her love tunnel do all the work, which shows you just how taut her old twat is.

So, although Yasmine isn’t the sort of woman you’d await to watch here, this babe is here! This babe is a valuable surprise to jack to.

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Ginger Taylor – Making the case for MILFs

Making the case for MILFs

Making the case for MILFs

Why do we like MILFs so much? Well, it’s not just about age. When an aged woman takes care of her body, it shows that she’s determined about being confident and sexy. When u combine that with all the hot tips and tricks that she is picked up throughout the years, she’ll be a powerhouse of unbridled raunchy energy.

That, friends, is how Ginger Taylor stole our hearts. This babe is an unabashed knob lover, determined to show youthful dudes that older hotties can give them anything they’ve ever wanted in a raunchy partner. Just look at her heavy billibongs, begging to be squeezed and massaged. Check out how she plunges that pink sextoy deep into her aching, wet cookie. Ginger puts on one hell of a showing every time we see her images. Do not u just love MILFs?

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Valerie Rose – Do You Think Valerie Rose’s Mambos And Muff Are Cute?

Do You Think Valerie Rose’s Melons And Twat Are Cute?

Do U Think Valerie Rose's Whoppers And Wet crack Are Cute?

When a woman with a body like Valerie’s says that babe has 3 kids and 3 grandchildren, you’re enticed to call bullshit. But she’s telling the truth. This babe lives close to her children in sunny Florida just so that babe can aid out. Certainly, when this babe is not caring for the kids, this babe is out getting her fur pie and chocolate hole filled.

“I love having sex with youthful lads. They’re so vigorous,” Valerie, 47, told. “They were all friends of my children.”


“My kinkiest and almost all risky sexual encounter was with the preacher’s son in the back of the church whilst his daddy was out in the front preaching to his congregation. The kid was maybe 20 or Twenty one and actually nervous. I poked him down on a bench, sucked his penis and mounted him. He was so cute!”

Cute? Sucking some guy’s penis out back of a church is cute?

We think it’s sexy. And lewd. Just like Valerie Rose.

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