Raven LeChance – We’re Longing Raven

We’re Lust Raven

We're Lust Raven

Those full, round titties. That nasty smile. These long legs. The sum of Raven’s parts is equal to one drop-dead hot MOTHER I’D LIKE TO FUCK. And that’s why we’re thrilled that her friend and fella 40SomethingMag.com model, Jodi West, introduced her to us.

Yep, this 46-year-old has great breasts, but she’s hot for greater quantity reasons than that. Raven’s a full-fledged, married swinger as well as the mother of an 18-year-old. She’s frequently lewd, so she makes sure to have anybody to fuck at least 3 times a week, making appointments with her Hitachi Magic Wand on those off nights.

Raven comes from a very conservative background, and it is safe to say almost any who knew her growing up would think what she is doing now is very, very risque. This babe gets off on that. She too gets off on having people watch her while she copulates. And gangbang. That babe said us of the time when this babe “was positioned on the daybed and gently restrained. All five of them took turns satisfying me in their own way.”

What would be your way with Raven?

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Marcella Guerra – A 50Plus Lalin girl With A Large, Fuckable Booty

A 50Plus Lalin girl With A Big, Fuckable Butt

A 50Plus Latin chick With A Big, Fuckable Ass

“The part of my body that dudes like most is my large, wet arse,” said Marcella Guerra, a 52-year-old Latin chick sexpot from Orlando, Florida.

We like her big bumpers, beautiful face and tight vagina, likewise. We know it is taut because a scarcely any of our dudes who fucked her said us. So far, Marcella has fucked one time on 50PlusMILFS.com and received a sloppy creampie. She also shared jacking duties with Sandra Martines on MILFTugs.com.

Marcella found us on the Internet and liked the idea of doing porn. This babe is not a swinger or a nudist. She has sex at least three times a week and says this babe enjoys ass stab. She stays busy with 2 children and bartending and waitressing at a club.

“I like to serve people, in greater amount ways than one,” that babe said.

One thing that stands out about Marcella is her big gazoo. She may be the most gluteally-gifted MILF we’ve ever featured.

“Latino dudes love large booties coz many Latinas have ‘em,” she told. “But I find that all kinds of men love my big arse. They wanna slap it, squeeze it and fuck it.”

Fuck her butt, fuck her muff…it’s all valuable.

“I’ve had sex with a much-younger fellow. He’s 30 years younger than me, but this stud loves my age and my butt and all of my body. This chab tells me that my bawdy cleft is tighter than many of the gals who are his age. I like it that such a youthful fellow can appreciate a woman like me.”

This chab is not the solely one.

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Kay DeLynn – Kay’s Ribald Little Secret

Kay’s Bawdy Little Secret

Kay's Immodest Little Secret

“My friends would be absolutely shocked if they knew I did porn,” told Kay DeLynn, a divorcee and–get this–investment banker from South Carolina. “I am a quiet, reserved, well-spoken professional.”

She get to mean when that babe is at the office coz once this babe was in our studio, there was no thing quiet or reserved about her. Although that babe sure was a professional with engulfing and fucking!

Kay is a mother of 2 teenagers. This babe has managed day cares and worked in ad sales, and this babe says the most-fun job that babe ever had was being a waitress at Hooters. Fucking in our studio might eclipse that, although she didn’t exactly think of it as a job.

“I like to fuck as often as I can,” Kay told. “I love to masturbate by pressing my clit up against my Jacuzzi jets. I masturbate daily, sometimes twice a day. I love when a guy holds me up and ravishes me. I most like the man to take charge, but if he doesn’t, I will.”

Kay says that babe doesn’t know yet if she loves being watched during the time that having sex. But then once greater amount, this babe is had her twat eaten in the back of a truck in a crowded parking lot. And she’s drilled on-camera for thousands of dudes to watch. Widen the word.

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Donna Marie – Going The Distance

Going The Distance

Going The Distance

One look at 54-year-old Czech secretary Donna and you know you’re in for it. She’s the kind of GILF who trickle sexuality with as little as a smile (although that cleavage doesn’t hurt, either). That babe loves swimming, skiing, horse-back riding and Nicholas Cage episodes. Her flawless day would consist of some beach time, a alluring dinner out and a pleasure ride in a Porsche.

Donna’s the dangerous sort. The fucks-her-boss-in-the-elevator sort. The type to make you entreat on your knees for a smack of her fur pie. The sort that has affairs with married fellows just coz they’re sexy and off limits. Maybe that’s why this babe is divorced.

“Best decision I ever made,” that babe said. “I thought I’d discovered a man that could satisfy me, but my slutty fur pie needs a dude with endless energy. I am not here for a quickie.”

When it comes to fucking, nothing makes Donna cum harder than a chap taking his time licking up and around her labia.

“My beloved kind of dude is the one that asks me to sit on his face. There’s no higher compliment, no larger turn-on than when a dude desires to be submerged in my cum-hole, tasting every part of my sopping twat.”

Sounds like a plan.

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Desiree Dalton – Back Where This babe Belongs

Back Where She Belongs

Back Where That babe Belongs

When 44-year-old Desiree 1st walked into our studio, that babe was a vision of prim elegance. We wondered if perhaps this babe had gotten lost on her way to brunch with a group of girlfriends. That was until this babe took off her clothes and drilled. Then we knew Desiree was exactly where that babe belonged. She is a spruce lady at first sight but a whore in the bedroom. The type of woman who can’t live without anal, DOUBLE PENETRATION and having multiple dudes inside her at the same time. The real Desiree is happiest when that babe has many jocks to play with.

“I’m always evolving so there will always be fresh things in life that I’d love to try. I love being watched having sex. I discover it so erotic and hot to have somebody seeing me in an intimate moment. Because of that, I am enjoying getting to know the porn world.”

The feeling is mutual, especially when we must see her fur pie getting creamed on 40Somethingmag.com!

Desiree is from Florida and has no children. As you can tell by her constricted body, she loves to work out. She’s been a nudist, exhibitionist and swinger for five years.

“My wildest swinging experience was a Sunday morning orgy with six couples at a resort. It was lots of enjoyment.”

And if you wanna please her, make sure you take her to pound city.

“I love getting drilled really hard.”

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Taylor Lynn – Taylor made for jacking

Taylor made for jacking

Taylor made for jacking

Forty-six-year-old Taylor Lynn admits that many of her friends would need CPR if they knew what that babe was up to here at 40SomethingMag.com. But others wouldn’t be likewise surprised to watch this overtly raunchy MILF stripping down to her birthday dress to provide spank material for thousands of dudes the world over. After all, she’s been an active swinger for three years and loves being in the spotlight during an fuckfest.

It is safe to say that Taylor enjoys attention, especially when that attention is given to her cum-hole. She prefers to have sex at least 2 to 3 times a week. How does that babe get her fill? She swings. This former promotional model and sports marketer loves when males approach her, but she’s certainly not always going to wait around for them to make a move.

“If I see smth I crave, I go get it,” said Taylor, who’s married and lives in Tennessee.

But Taylor isn’t so unlike the other MILFs in your city. This babe can’t live without to go shopping, enjoys valuable dining and loves dudes who wear cologne and know how to dance. But maybe that babe is a bit different. Not every MOTHER I’D LIKE TO FUCK aspires to fuck a much younger boy or has had sex with four couples at one time.

Not each MILF has shown off her twat and screwed at 40SomethingMag.com.

Which makes Taylor Lynn very particular.

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Stacie Starr – Stacie’s so easy, even a caveman could fuck her

Stacie’s so elementary, even a caveman could fuck her

Stacie's so effortless, even a caveman could fuck her

Notice 41-year-old Stacie Starr’s perfectly tanned body. It’s not an accident that she has no tan lines. Ever since moving to Florida, Stacie has been taking off her raiment to show off her D-cup tits and round butt in the sun.

“I became a nudist sunbather when I moved to Florida in 1994,” she said. “I love the feel of the sun on my body and not having any tan lines.”

What else does Stacie love?

“Sucking penis. I am orally fixated. I’m likewise into light slavery, hair pulling and booty spanking. Dominant studs who are crazy with desire to the point of caveman behavior turn me on. I like to be thrown against a wall, kissed passionately and deeply and have my garments ripped off.”

It’s been elementary for Stacie to be so open with her sexuality coz that babe has lots of support, especially from her 19-year-old son.

“My son indeed drove me to the airport to catch my flight over here. And he is at home dogsitting for me!”

With her son’s blessing to be as freaky as this babe desires, there’s nothing to stop Stacie from fulfilling her fantasy of being a MOTHER I’D LIKE TO FUCK porn star.

“Getting stripped on-camera is the majority joy job I’ve ever had. And I love fucking, so it is the perfect fit for me!”

We have seen her fucking on-camera, and we accede.

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Jenna Covelli – Jenna and her amazingly long teats

Jenna and her amazingly lengthy teats

Jenna and her amazingly lengthy nipples

“They’re three quarters of an inch lengthy!” 51-year-old Jenna Covelli said of her awesome nipples. “I measured ‘em myself. People have asked me if I’ve nipp implants. I just laugh. I did not think there was such a thing as a nipp implant.”

Jenna’s teats are amazing, perhaps the longest in the history of 40SomethingMag.com. They attract lots of attention.

“I’ve probably caused a few accidents,” Jenna told. “I like the attention I get.”

Naturally hawt Jenna is a California girl if there ever was one. She surfs, goes whale watching, enjoys museums and the arts, owns a beach abode, has sun-kissed skin and bright, blonde hair and still has time to be a mom to 2 kids. She likewise has a perfectly constricted 36-25-36 body, in part due to her work as a personal tutor and stripper. This is a woman who knows how to give orders, shove you to your limits and rock your world with her suckable melons, firm butt and mouthwatering bawdy cleft.

“I enticed a juvenile dude who was a ally of my son’s,” she said. “He came by the house looking for my son and I answered the door in a towel. I told him to await, undid my towel and let it drop to the ground, showing him my undressed, soaked body. This man looked like he was in shock, but I could see the bulge forming at his crotch. I pulled him inside and into my room, removed his panties and started sucking away. Then I sat on his dick and came multiple times.”

As for her nipples during the time that all this was going on…

“Hard as pebbles,” Jenna told. “They always are!”

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Jasmine Fields – Come and see, watch and cum

Come and watch, see and cum

Come and see, watch and cum

“I cum the hardest when I get my slit eaten and my dark hole fingered,” says Jasmine Fields, a 54-year-old divorcee from Colorado who can be seen fucking at 50PlusMILFs.com. Jasmine likes when you jerk off to her pictures. It makes her incredibly lewd thinking about how you are sitting in your room right now with a photo of her whoppers being the inspiration for your hard-on.

“There’s no thing sexier than watching fellows cum just from looking at me,” this babe said.

Well, maybe no thing sexier to her. We can think of several things that are sexier. Like Jasmine.

Getting nude for the camera is Jasmine’s way of celebrating her divorce. She’s too been exploring her sexuality in other ways. Jasmine’s wet crack needs to get fucked at least one time or twice a week before this babe gets edgy.

“One week is really also long for me to live out of it!” she told.

What else can we say about Jasmine? She’s got valuable smack in cars (will it be the Audi today or the Lamborghini?), digs motor sports, can’t live out of hockey and doesn’t mind hitting the vids solo. She wears bras when she knows she’s getting laid, “for effect,” she says. We’re sure her boy appreciate the way Jasmine draws out foreplay, teasing from the very beginning and removing articles of garments as slowly as possible.

Oh, and if you wanna make her agonorgasmos, lick her love button while you finger-fuck her slit and play with her butthole. It’s her special request.

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Dawn Jilling – Jack to Jilling

Jack to Jilling

Jack to Jilling

Native Californian Dawn Jilling is a hot 46-year-old MOTHER I’D LIKE TO FUCK with a glamorous face and a 36D-26-36 body that’s always willing for fucking.

“Love how you feel and it rolls right out,” Dawn told with a smile, and we can tell this babe must be loving how that babe feels. In fact, we’d love to feel her, likewise…every inch of skin, each crease, melons, fur pie and all.

Dawn is a regular mommy raising four kids with her husband out in Arizona. This babe likes to go out for dinner and dancing, but she’s always up for an unplanned plane travel. When this babe is not busy being slutty on-camera, that babe is going for a hike, watching her favorite TV episodes or playing board games. But sometimes, even the episode marathons aren’t enough to keep Dawn entertained. That is why this former PTA member is getting stripped just for you.

“It’s hot. It’s sexy. It’s forbidden. It’s pleasure,” Dawn said. “One time I screwed a dude in the men’s washroom during the time that there were other boys in there. I knew they were listening, even jacking off. It was fucking hot!”

Jack to Dawn. She’ll love it.

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Katherine Merlot – A 28-year-old cums in a 71-year-old’s snatch

A 28-year-old cums in a 71-year-old’s cookie

A 28-year-old cums in a 71-year-old's pussy

Katherine is 71 years old.

Jmac is 28 years old, youthful enough to be Katherine’s grandson.

Together, they’re going to make beautiful music jointly.

Indeed, they’re plan to fuck. And Jmac is going to cum in her twat. And Katherine is intend to let’s watch the cum pour without her just-fucked wet crack.

“Why not?” she told. “Having sex with younger dudes is pleasure.”

For Katherine, having sex with males is pleasure. She has been an escort for 30 years and loves her job. At 71, this babe has no intention of slowing down.

“I’ve done just about everything in life that I’ve wanted to, except for being a model and porn star. Now it’s my time. I love to have sex, and I am gonna do it for the camera. I’m 71. I can do soever I want!”

And we can watch. Now that’s a deal!

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Cheyanne – Swinging Cheyanne swings our way

Swinging Cheyanne swings our way

Swinging Cheyanne swings our way

Previous to she came to our studio and fucked for 50PlusMILFs.com, Cheyanne had at no time gotten undressed in front of a camera. Yeah, she’s a swinger who bonks other men in front of her husband, and posing for us was the next step in her sexual adventure.

Cheyanne, 53, is one tight GILF. She is 5’4″, 115 lbs. and measures 36-24-35. We interviewed her right after this babe shot her very 1st hardcore scene. It was also the first time any guy ever came on her face. She enjoyed these first-time experiences. How much? Read on to check out…

CHEYANNE: Yesterday, I had incredible sex with a hawt, juvenile boy for a episode.

40SOMETHING: How many years younger was this man?

CHEYANNE: Twenty-two years.

40SOMETHING: That’s the 1st time you ever had sex in a pro-studio, right?

CHEYANNE: Yes it was.

40SOMETHING: Were you nervous in advance of that?

CHEYANNE: The boy coached me throughout it, the acting on-camera part in any case. But then came the fun part; I gotta coach him on sex!

40SOMETHING: Fortunate guy! So after all that fucking, where’d he cum on u?

CHEYANNE: On my face.

40SOMETHING: I’m suspecting that in real life, studs don’t cum on a woman’s face a lot. When was the final time a lad came on your face?

CHEYANNE: I don’t even know one ever has, actually.

40SOMETHING: Where do they usually cum?

CHEYANNE: Inside me, on my stomach, back or ass.

40SOMETHING: Did you like your 1st facial? A little indecent, isn’t it?

CHEYANNE: Yes, I did. And I licked the end of his cock, spooned the cum off with my finger and ate it.

40SOMETHING: So you’re a swinger?

CHEYANNE: My husband and I have merely been swinging for a year, but I have really enjoyed it. My spouse travels a lot. One day he said, “You need something to fill your time.” So we got into swinging, alone and with couples.

40SOMETHING: Okay, so usually when a husband says to his wife, “You need smth to fill your time,” this chab might offer a hobby. Sewing, running. He recommends fucking other dudes?

CHEYANNE: This man can’t live without it. I make vids at home for him. This chab even found me a boyfriend. We met this boy and it became a steady thing. When my spouse was traveling, the gentleman would come to the abode. We would record ourselves fucking so my husband would must see ‘em later.

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Sally D’Angelo – A sexed-up GILF

A sexed-up GILF

A sexed-up GILF

Lives: Jupiter, Florida; Occupation: Business owner; Age: 59; Born: March 8; Ht: 5’1″; Wt: 123 pounds; Bras: 36DD; Panties: Victoria’s Secret; Anal: Solely tried it one time; BJs: Always swallow; Diddle: Sometimes.
“I love sex; can’t get sufficiently of it,” told Sally. “I love role playing and being a Fem Dom. I enjoy the excitement of screwing in a mall parking lot or someplace similar when there’re people around and we might be seen. I do not have a favorite way of fucking, I like mixing up poses as long as my twat is full of dick. I can not tell you how many times I cum coz once my motor’s running, orgasms often kinda run jointly. Then I end up sweaty, exhausted and gratified…for a whilst. I only tried anal once. I was DPed with my hubby doing my butt and one greater amount boy fucking my pussy. Yep, I like to swing sometimes and I always go for younger dudes. I like getting a taste of fascinating slit, likewise.”

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Betty Blaze – Blaze of snatch

Blaze of pussy

Blaze of pussy

Betty Blaze not at any time slows down. Maybe that’s why that babe is 44 years old and has not ever been married. What guy could really keep up? Slim-figured, bright-eyed and sexually adventurous, Betty’s the kind of woman we always try to find. It is not surprising that this E.M.T. driver’s car is a Maserati Quattroporte. Nor is it a coincidence that her final name is Blaze. With that smokin’ hot booty, we’re sure she always leaves a fiery trail behind her.

“I had a trio once with a Hawaiian that was nearly a midget!”" this babe said. “I also had a foursome that included a 20-year-old. I like Them young sometimes. This one boy I drilled was a cute, tattooed rocker-type in his early twenties. Yum!”

Betty’s personality is just as smolderingly hot as her lengthy legs and luscious lips. She’s been a swinger for about a year, and that babe has no regrets about screwing people other than her boyfriend. But when a hard rod or a wet slit aren’t available for her to fuck, this babe is okay with going at it solo.

“I love masturbating,” this babe said. “I usually do it in the bathroom. I’ll get priceless and soapy, and then I’ll use my shower massager on my love button. If I am in a hurry, I’ll try to just cum like that, but if I’ve got time, I’ll bring out my bright pink sextoy. I like being in control of things, including how my wet crack gets fucked. Few people get me off the way I can.”

Scarcely any people get us off the way Betty can.

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Sophia Jewel – Fuck all day, fuck all night

Fuck all day, fuck all night

Fuck all day, fuck all night

“I’ll fuck your brains out while your girlfriend watches,” told Sophia Jewel, a 43-year-old personal coach from Florida.

Really? We’ll take her up on that.

“I like dudes of powerful character,” Sophia told. “A guy with a worthy sense of humor who keeps me laughing is always a turn-on. I abhor when anybody tries also hard. I wanna tell them to just be themselves!”

Maybe it’s hard for a boy to relax when he grows a boner the minute that man sees Sophia. But when the right dude comes along…

“I usually like to role-play and fuck him real rough. Then when we’re done, it’s time to cuddle and sleep. And then when we wake up, we can begin fucking one time greater quantity!”

We’ll take her up on that, likewise.

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