Dee Delmar – Dee’s Cunt and Darksome hole Show

Dee’s Snatch and Darksome hole Show

Dee's Cookie and Butthole Show

“My consummate day would begin by waking up and looking at the clear blue sky then fucking for the rest of the day.” So says Dee Delmar, a 48-year-old swinger from Florida.

Equipped with serious double-Ds, a face made for cumming on and a penchant for sex parties, Dee is a real wild woman who knows what she craves.

“I like to have sex as often as possible,” she told. “I don’t really have favorite kinks or fetishes, I like majority of ‘em.”

That is why Dee is so great. That babe goes all the way and doesn’t hold anything back.

Dee started dabbling with nudism 24 years ago and has been exploring the taboo side of sex ever since.

“The kinkiest place I’ve ever been drilled was at a campground, bent over the hood of a Jeep. I was covered head to toe in mud and cum!”

When this babe is not getting filled doggy style in the great outdoors, that babe enjoys gardening and going dancing with her girlfriends. Some of whom this babe regularly fucks.

“Yeah, I am very bi sexual,” this babe told.

It was indeed her girlfriend, Tracy, who proposed that babe model for 40Something. So will anybody be surprised that she’s spreading herself in our widens?

“No way! I’m a swinger and amateur porn star,” she told.

Well, we did pay her. But we’re not sure we had to.

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Annellise Croft – Busty Brit MOTHER I’D LIKE TO FUCK

Breasty Brit MILF

Busty Brit MILF

Well, that title says it all, doesn’t it? Originally born in England, this hot MOTHER I’D LIKE TO FUCK moved to Nashville, Tennessee a long time ago. Thankfully she’s kept her sexy accent. That babe is a smoking hot 50-year-old with a daughter and 3 grandchildren, so nobody would suspect that this babe is one of the randiest old cuties we have had submit her fotos in quite some time. “I’ve always been a free spirit, and I’ve thought about submitting fotos on the Internet for quite some time. My ex-husband was a real twat who would not let me have any joy. Now that I am divorced, I have been having the time of my life. I recently had a hot trio with a couple in a Jacuzzi at a hotel. I joined them and immediately felt a spark with the fellow. They were tipsy and away from their kids for the 1st time, apparently. One thing led to another and I guided them throughout their first swapping adventure. They said me afterwards that they had not ever even discussed it!”

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Brittney Snow – Let it Snow

Let it Snow

Let it Snow

“My flawless day would begin with morning sex then a bike ride to the beach,” told Brittney Snow, a 45-year-old divorcee from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, “We could have a large lunch and soak up lots of sun before riding home for greater amount sex!

Brittney gave us a great view of her MOTHER I’D LIKE TO FUCK wet crack while sharing hawt stories of her past. She’s been a swinger for roughly Twenty years, and this babe is racked up quite a few epic tales of conquests and flings. This babe says the highlights have been being fucked by 2 chaps, sex in the club where she worked and having sex in a public bathroom. She recently fucked one of our males for and told he had the giant pecker she’s ever drilled.

“My almost any new fling was with a much-younger fellow. I post lots of pics online and I get off on reading responses. Well, this boy saw my pics and commented about what this guy would do to me, so I gave him my number and that stud came over. We massaged every other with oil. It started with light rubbing but ended with us using the oil for hardcore fucking!”

So, to recap, she’s a divorcee, a stripper, she bonks a lot and she’s getting naked for our viewing pleasure. Sounds like our kind of woman.

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Summer Meadows – Precious Girl/Bad Cutie

Nice Girl/Bad Girl

Good Girl/Bad Girl

Summer’s the sort of woman who teeters between fascinating MILF-next-door and total bad cutie. She’s the outdoorsy type who enjoys fishing, hunting, golfing and going for walks in the woods. She’s too just as glad sitting at home with a good book, drawing, watching Duck Dynasty and Swamp People, or rooting for the Fresh York Jets. But this old dame’s also got a freaky side.

“I love to costume hawt,” the 48-year-old said. “I can not get enough of the attention from chaps. It is such a turn-on when I get checked out!”

That’s just the tip of the iceberg with this well-tanned lady. When we asked her what she’d like to try in life, this babe said, “Skydiving, certainly. But likewise, I really desire to fuck inside of a hawt air balloon. Some people are into the mile-high club, and I did that one time with an old boyfriend. Being that high up but in the open air would be even hotter though!”

Summer likes to masturbate and likes to fuck.

“I don’t have to fuck as often as I’d like to,” this babe confessed. “But I love blow job, especially 69ing. The better u tongue my love button, the deeper I gulp your rod!”

Just smth to keep in mind.

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Soleil – Hawt As Soleil

Hot As Soleil

Hot As Soleil

“I do not usually await for males to make the 1st move. Who has time for all that?”

Not Soleil, a 44-year-old divorcee from Florida whose first scene we called “our greatest anal scene ever.”

After dancing for 20 years in various strip clubs as well as being a cam-girl, it’s not entirely surprising that Soleil discovered her way to our studio. This black brown siren is a bit of a firecracker. She’s got raunchy energy to spare and could wear out any boy lucky enough to get her into daybed. Soleil’s at no time been a swinger, but she’s definitely thought about it. She told us she is been a nudist practically her whole life. And she can’t live out of porn.

“I love watching porn during the time that I masturbate. I can get off in 60 seconds if I’m watching a sexy enough scene. I think that’s what drew me to this.”

Soleil’s kinkiest experience was inside a dressing room at the mall.

“I met this sexy, younger fellow at a department store. This guy was flirting with me from the get-go. The place was beautiful empty since the stores were about to close. I asked him to aid me try some clothes out, and that guy was all for it. This stud overspread my throat so people would not hear me groaning during the time that this fellow screwed me doggy style!”

That boy wouldn’t be surprised to watch her here. The truth is, Soleil isn’t surprised to be here, either.

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Sage Quest – Quest For Knob

Quest For Penis

Quest For Cock

Sage, who’s 45 now and was 44 when these pictures were taken, indeed impressed us when this babe 1st came to in 2009. But now that we watch how she’s matured for the better, we’re gorgeous much floored! This lewd divorcee from Florida tells us posing for was the most-fun job she’s ever had, so this babe came back to disrobe down and widen wide once again. Yeah, this once-conservative chick has really become quite the exhibitionist. This babe is even fucked for us, something this babe did not do in 2009.

“Getting divorced was the majority astonishing thing that ever happened to me,” she said. “I said you men last time what a stick in the mud that dude was. Didn’t like me dressing hot or getting wild in the sack. It got stale quick. I have spent the past diminutive in number years catching up with all my fantasies. One thing I am hoping to finally do soon is get with a really hot hotty. I am dying to see what it is like to eat twat! I have always discovered chicks to be hawt.”

Sage makes sure to be a bad beauty at least once a month, by picking up a stranger and fucking him naive. There is no need for sleepovers or everything like that. She is just down to fuck.

“I love fucking fresh, recent penis. This once during the holidays I picked up a lad at a bar at one of the mall restaurants. We stayed until after closing and discovered an empty corridor. This chap pinned me against the wall, hiked up my skirt and we fucked like bunnies! When we finished, we just kissed quick, thanked every other and went our separate ways.”

Feel free to do something like that. Look at Sage, jack then go your separate ways. But be sure to come on back now, ya hear?

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Rita Daniels – Clothed To Fuck

Clothed To Fuck

Dressed To Fuck

“I don’t think a day goes by that I’m not engulfing someone’s weenie or getting fucked,” said Rita Daniels, who’s 63 years old and one of the greatest 60PlusMILFs ever. She’s the most-fucked GILF ever at

“I love wearing outfits that help me get fucked. Every time I ask you dudes if you want me to come back and fuck and each time u say yep. So I thought this time I’d mix it up a little bit.”

Certainly, Rita doesn’t must go out of her way to look hot, lustful and fuckable. It comes naturally.

“I’ve learned that I get extra turned-on when I am in front of the camera. It’s like this wild floozy inside me comes roaring out!”

The truth is, that wild doxy inside of Rita is not ever exactly hiding.

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Mimi Moore – Shower Time With Mimi

Shower Time With Mimi

Shower Time With Mimi

“Life just keeps getting greater amount valuable and better. I have at no time felt so happy, carnal and aroused!” So says Mimi Moore, a divorcee and banker from California. The aged Mimi gets, the hornier this babe gets, so masturbating is a get to. And her much loved place to do it? The shower, of course.

“While sex would be my number one choice, u can’t always have it. And even if I do have it, sometimes I am still slutty! And there is a plus side to masturbation. You learn a lot about what you like.”

We like Mimi.

“I love to get off in the shower coz it’s one of the small in number places I have privacy. I am already undressed, and the hot water and lathered soap feel so priceless on my body. I begin touching myself and get carried away! Oddly enough, I love most of all not to have sex in the shower. Save that for the ottoman!”

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Lorelei Lane – Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife

“Knowing that someone is watching me while I am cumming makes me cum five times harder,” told Lorelei Lane, a housewife from Indiana.

Lorelei is the epitome of a trophy wife. Her trim body is flawless, her face is glamorous and her exhibitionist streak knows no bounds.

“Nothing turns me on greater amount than taking off my garments, except for taking off my clothes for a sexually excited boy with his hand on his ding-dong. It all started with my husband. He likes to see me masturbate, so I’d put on little shows for him where I would make myself cum with a sex tool. I started to really like being watched, so we took it to the next level and put pics and movie scene on the web. Then I posed for you. Those days, we like to invite other people to watch us fuck. We have even brought another gal in the bedroom for my husband and I to play with. It adds some other level of passion to our sex life. We have even considered swinging.”

Lorelei likes to costume up in hot lingerie and get her cunt eaten. Eating her wet crack is the fastest way to turn her on, and judging by how beautiful and nice-looking her cookie looks, it’d be the fastest way to turn u on, too!

“If I’m being eaten out properly I melt like butter,” that babe said. “After cumming on a tongue I am willing to do whatever you wish.”

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Laura Layne – MILF Undercover


MILF Undercover

Among other things, 51-year-old Laura Layne is a phone sex operator. This curvy MILF measures 34DD-28-36. That babe lives in Arizona where that babe can’t live out of to slender dip in her pool and tan bare. She’s a divorced and remarried swinger. This former California gal obviously can’t live out of to fuck, but don’t take our word for it. Laura will tell you just how much this babe loves being nude, swinging, anal, hiking and being a phone sex operator.

40SOMETHING: In advance of u got divorced, was swinging smth you ever thought u would do?

LAURA: I thought about it, but I didn’t have a willing partner. You know, this man was a little also uptight.

40SOMETHING: Do u feel you’ve always been a sexually open person?

LAURA: Always, always. Up until I got married I was ready to begin living life. Then I got married and it was like anything stopped. But I tried, I gave it shot. It didn’t work out. So I knew right then and there once I got divorced I was gonna experience life the way I should have.

40SOMETHING: When you were younger and married, did you ever think it was possible that u would end up having sex on-camera?

LAURA: No, I did not think that at all.

40SOMETHING: But you were still open to things.

LAURA: I was open to things. I had hopes that something different was going to happen. I knew. I had a feeling about it, but I was not sure how or what it was gonna be.

40SOMETHING: Do u have a pool where you live?

LAURA: Oh yes. I would not live in Arizona without a pool. It is rare that I put on a bathing costume.

40SOMETHING: Have neighbors ever caught u?

LAURA: Oh yes. If we’re outside then our dogs are outside, so they can hear there’s activity going on. Greater quantity than likely that’s when the neighbor behind us–he has a two-story house and a balcony–steps out. I know this chab works at night and that stud is home in the day. So if that man craves to peek out, that fellow does. This stud hasn’t said everything, but I kind of know he’s there.

40SOMETHING: So hobbies…sex, right?

LAURA: Sex, yes. There is always some form of sex going on in my life every day, whether it is full-on sex, a quickie, a oral or raunchy conversation. And I am not talking about phone sex. I mean in my regular, everyday life with my spouse. There is always some sort of sexual energy going on.

40SOMETHING: Now what is this about a lifeguard station?

LAURA: I had heard of female sperm flow or squirting. It was when I was still living in California, and it was sunset and we’d had a glass or 2 of wine. We were walking around and made it up to an empty lifeguard station. And well, he started fingering me and playing with me. We were getting all excited. I could feel smth different, but I wasn’t indeed quite sure what it was. I was like, “Okay, what is this?” Next thing you know my legs were drenched, my interior thighs were drenched. I had squirted. It was so earth-shattering that my legs were shaking and I could not get down from the lifeguard station. I had to stay there for a bit.

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Charli Shay – Hot-Bodied MILF


Hot-Bodied MILF

“Seeing all the hot bodies at the gym daily sends my wet crack into overdrive!” told Charli Shay, a personal coach from San Diego, California. We’re guessing that seeing her sends those hot-bodied gentlemen into overdrive, also.

Charlie says she enjoys fooling around with younger people as well as people her own age.

“I’ve had a long-time fuck buddy who is 25. We started sleeping together when he was Twenty one. Let’s just say that I have taught him a lot. It’s been nothing but enjoyment.”

U know what else Charli considers fun? Going to a dungeon and getting her kink on.

“The master of the dungeon and this hot 20-year-old gal both made me masturbate. It was so hot; I don’t think I ever came so hard.”

Charli isn’t a swinger or a nudist, just a woman who can’t live without to have enjoyment and get a little wild. She’s a mother for 2 and has worked in sales and gyms for years. And now she is just beginning to explore her sexuality.

“I’ve fulfilled one of my fantasies…to do porn!”

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Tammi Sue – Hello, Tammi Sue, Greetings Hard-On!

Greetings, Tammi Sue, Salute Hard-On!

Hello, Tammi Sue, Salute Hard-On!

Here’s Tammi Sue, a 46-year-old divorcee from San Diego, California, who got her pussy eaten halfway through her interview elsewhere on Excerpts chase, but that is just about all u must know about her. But we’ll tell you greater amount anyway.

40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: Tell us where were you born, Tammi.
TAMMI SUE: I was born in Naples, Italy. My father was in the service so I lived there for a couple of years.
40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: And then moved to?
TAMMI SUE: San Diego, California.
40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: So are u a divorcee on the prowl then?
TAMMI SUE: I am a cougar. I always date younger guys.
40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: How much younger?
TAMMI SUE: In their 30s. Not late 30s, younger 30s.
TAMMI SUE: They’re a little more joy, greater quantity energetic. They can keep up.
40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: Where do u like to meet boys?
TAMMI SUE: Wherever. I meet people driving, during work. I meet clients.
40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: So, these 30-year-olds who keep up. It has to be one time a day? One time a day isn’t hard to keep up, is it?
TAMMI SUE: Once a day isn’t. But sometimes I crave it more than that. I like to wake up in the morning and have a quickie. It doesn’t get to be full-blown romantic sex every night.
40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: When the fellow is eating your cum-hole, should this chab be on your clit the whole time or bouncing around?
TAMMI SUE: Bouncing around. I’ll let him know what I like and don’t like.
40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: Okay, I am going to go down the list with you. Do you’ve kids?
TAMMI SUE: Yes, 2.
40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: How about having your pussy eaten while people watch?
TAMMI SUE: In this environment, sure.
TAMMI SUE: This guy swings as well. We pair swing solely.
40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: Always in the same room with every other?
40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: Tammy, we’re gonna let Juan get back to eating you out.
TAMMI SUE: Thank u. I am having tons of pleasure!

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Niki – A Tiny (but big-titted) Fuck Toy Named Niki

A Small (but big-titted) Fuck Toy Named Niki

A Miniature (but big-titted) Fuck Toy Named Niki

“I’m very aggressive sexually. I am not afraid to go after what I want,” told 47-year-old Niki, who has twice gotten what this babe wanted–a hard pecker, of course–at But today, we have this blonde, hard-bodied divorcee all to ourselves.

“I met a boy at a party who picked me up and turned me upside-down while I gave him head,” said Niki, who was born in Texas and now lives in Florida. “He ate my fur pie. It was great.”

Niki has big, fake DD-cup melons that practically shriek, “Look at me! I’m a fuck toy!” Many fellows like chicks with natural racks, but when a woman goes without her way to get a big couple, she’s signalling to the world that that babe likes to fuck.

“My whoppers attract lots of attention,” Niki said. “If people see me having sex and find me hot, that’s hot.”

Watching Niki widen her gazoo and pink fur pie is hot. She can’t live without showing off what she’s got.

“If you’re jacking your rod right now, that makes me feel wonderful,” that babe said.

Niki, u make us feel valuable. And, yes, we are jacking our dicks right now. How could we resist?

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Lilly – What’s Up, Cougar Lilly?

What’s Up, Cougar Lilly?

What's Up, Cougar Lilly?

And now, from the Czech Republic, the land of youthful gals who love to suck and fuck on-camera, we present Lilly, a 49-year-old mother of 2 who loves to suck and fuck and open her face hole for cum on-camera. Hey, we always figured that Czech sluttiness was passed along through the genes.

The fucking can be seen elsewhere at For now, let’s enjoy Lilly’s exposition of her womanly body, curves, haunches and all.

“I am a waitress,” Lilly said us. “I am not a swinger, but I’m a nudist. I enjoy showing off my body. I am happy I got this chance to do it. I thought doing this was merely for youthful gals.”

Nope. It’s exactly for women like Lilly.

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Diandra – Diandra Cums Afresh

Diandra Cums Afresh

Diandra Cums Again

“I’m a sex addict. I’m doing it every day sometimes and greater quantity than 2 dozen times in a week,” told 44-year-old Diandra from Virginia.

Diandra craves you between her legs, where you can look up at her gorgeous face, perky breasts and tight stomach whilst this babe bounces on your ramrod and cums.

“I love to be on top almost all of the time: during foreplay, riding and after sex. It also satisfies me to give, give, give. I am all about blow jobs when I am indeed into the lad, and I love when this chab shoots himself all over my stomach or my arse, especially after I am the one doing the jerking! Then this guy can watch me get myself off until I cum, or this chab can assist out.”

Diandra had not ever had sex with a much-younger guy until this babe came to and screwed a 24-year-old. She’s worked as a graphic designer, voyage agent, personal coach and as a feature dancer at strip clubs. And different from many of our models, Diandra is not a swinger. This babe also doesn’t have any children. So what does she do with all her free time?

“Explore and have pleasure! I love going on ‘wine-me, dine-me’ dates. I also like role playing and having one more sexy woman see me whilst I fuck a stud. I likewise have the random three-way, also. Basically I’m just living life to the max!”

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